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From The Beginning To The End

We Offer Our Clients Services That Address Both Business & Personal Needs.


Our unwavering commitment to serving our clients for their specific business and personal accounting and tax preparation needs.  As a respected tax office, our team of experienced and dedicated professionals echo our efforts in providing the highest quality of service that encourages brand awareness and customer loyalty.


We attempt to maximize every clients tax return potential (within tax code regulations) and exceed their customer experience expectations - all in efforts of directly reassuring them that their confidence was justly placed. .


We are:

- Certified Registered Tax Return Professional (RTRP)


- Certified HR Block tax preparer


We also offer tax preparation classes for those that are interested in pursuing a career in the tax preparation industry. 



Serving as a licence insurance agent - we are able to write policies that matter most to you and your family. We're able to write policies in five (7) states AL, GA, MS, SC, LA, TX, and FL.  We help educate policy holders on the changes, features and benefits of having a the added security of insurance.  


We offer standard insurance services for

- Auto

- Life

- Home

- Health


We're a certified Affordable Care Act (ACA) Agent and an independent Primerica Associate.


Call us today and speak with an informed agent about getting you covered or click one of the following links below. 



We believe everyone deserves not just legal protection but, we believe everyone deserves great affordable legal protection.  Your law firm has been carefully selected because of its service philosophy, size and ability to provide you with caring, responsive legal services when you need them most.


In addition, all our law firms are paid in advance, so instead of worrying about billing you, our attorneys are waiting to serve you.


Our provider attorneys must:

  • Be in good standing with the state bar association

  • Have a service philosophy parallel to the high standards of LegalShield

  • Understand and appreciate the everyday legal needs our members face


How it works: 


It’s simple. For a small monthly fee you and your family can access quality law firms in your area immediately.  Once signed up, just contact your provider firm directly to speak to an attorney in your area with knowledge of whatever field you need.


Your attorney will be there to serve you, no matter how trivial or traumatic the situation. In emergencies you can call 24 hours, 7 days a week. Call about whatever you want. It’s that easy. It’s LegalShield.

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